Bästa säsongen hittils

Marlene hävdar att säsong 6 kommer vara den bästa säsongen hittils! Taggade?

Photo cred goes to @lisacochranpll. Last shot of season 6 on PLL w @lucyhale. @paulah3030 brought it home. #chickdirectorsrule. Thank you #PllCastAndCrew #pllwriters and #PLLFamily Special thanks to @jonell_lennon for kicking ass this week! Thank you @lucyhale for our best season ever. Love you.

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Thank you to the team behind the scenes who make it happen. The PLL crew has tremendous pride of ownership in the show. And that's why it looks SO DAMN GOOD. Love you guys. Special shoutout to our team leaders @lisacochranpll and @larryreibman! #PLLwrap #prettylittleliars #PLLFamily

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