Intervju med Janel Parrish

ETonline: Janel, right away, what is the one thing that the fans need to be prepared for as we move into this summer season?
Janel Parrish:
I think they need to be prepared that it's going to be a darker season than we've had in a really -- I think it might be our darkest season ever, actually! Basically what we're dealing with is a very, very angry Charles and the season starts right where we left off: We are still trapped in that horrible, horrible dollhouse. We will get out at some point, but when we do we will have some serious, serious emotional scars. All of us will have different things that we're dealing with. You'll find out what they are as the season goes on, but yeah it's going to be a darker season, and some darker girls are emerging from this dollhouse.

Don't be jealous! We're sharing all the secrets Parrish spilled including Mona's dark hole of torture, Charles' unwavering and disturbing quest for 'revenge', and the 'serious emotional scars' that are coming after the Liars eventually escape 'A's dollhouse of doom.

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