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Tror ni att ni har koll på vem som sa vilka repliker i avsnittet som sändes i onsdags (5x16 "Over the Barrel")? Kommentera vem ni tror sa vilka repliker nedan, och den med mest rätt vinner en länkning!
  1. “I spent a whole day running on a hamster wheel for you.”

  2. “Wait are you mad that I bailed? Or that I walked in on your wild college weekend?”

  3. “I don’t know if I’m ready to feel brand new.”

  4. “He’s such a good man. He deserves the truth.”

  5. “Casual looks good on you.”

  6. “Egg!”

  7. “Actually you’re a thesaurus.”

  8. “Obviously ghosts don’t have fingers, so how did Mona send a text?”

  9. “Mona was a lot of things but she didn’t deserve this.”

  10. “Well I love brick and ivy! And wool peacoats! I don’t even wanna go to these schools, I just applied to them because they’re far away from here.”

  11. “Babe, you sound really echo-y, like you’re in an air duct.”

  12. “I’ve got some bolt cutters in my car. I like to be prepared.”

  13. “What is it with the cops in this town?”

  14. “She’s either been pickled or dissolved.”
Vem sa dessa repliker nu då? Kommentera nedan vad ni tror, ni har inget att förlora!

Postat av: Jamie

“I spent a whole day running on a hamster wheel for you.”
- Aria

2015-01-25 | 12:20:30
Postat av: Moa

1. Aria
2. Hanna
3. Har seriöst ingen aning men kan vara Em..?
4: Ashley
5. Talia
6. Jonny xD
7. Caleb
8. Hanna
9. Spencer
10. Spencer
11. Caleb
12. Spencer
13. Jonny..?
14. Caleb

Har ingen blogg eller så, vill bara se hur många jag kunde xP

Svar: Tack för dina gissningar!! Gör inget att du inte har blogg, du kan fortfarande vinna ;)
Pretty little liars Fanblogg

2015-01-25 | 16:16:45

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