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Jag hittade en teori på att Wilden är Charles, dvs A. Läs den och kommentera sedan vad ni tror! Den är på engelska, så om det är något ni inte förstår är det bara att kommentera så översätter vi.




Yes I know Wilden’s dead. This would mean his twin brother is the body we saw. It’s possible Cece thought she killed Wilden but she didn’t, it was his twin.


There’s a lot of things we need to take into consideration when theorizing about Charles regardless of who it is. 


1.) Age barrier:

—We don’t know for sure who the baby is but whether it’s Bethany or Ali, Charles needs to be OLDER than 19. 

—The prom was a remake of Melissa and Ian’s senior prom which suggests this person is around their age.



—We saw Charles as a little boy. Although there’s some awesome theories of it being either Cece or Melissa, I really think it’s a boy.


3.) It has NOT been confirmed that Charles is anyones twin or even Jason/Alison’s brother. He could very well be a child friend or cousin.


4.) We’ve supposedly seen this person before and he may have went by different names which means it’s probably someone we don’t know a whole lot about.


5.) This person needs to at least have been in season three.


Let’s think about just the basics right now…


1.) Wilden fits ALL of these requirements. 


2.) He has blondish-brown hair and blue eyes which means he could be a DiLaurentis whether a twin, brother, or cousin. He also fits the height and build.


3.) He has been in the show since the pilot and was a BIG character in season three.


4.) He has been VERY MUCH involved with Alison since say one and we never found out why he wanted to find out “what happened that summer.”


More detailed reasons it could be him..


1.) There is a lot of “Queen of Hearts” clues and Charles’ mask in 5x25 reminds me ALOT of the Wilden’s “Queen of Hearts” costume. A lot of fans are liking the cross-dressing theories which actually applies to this. Wilden is the only character on the show who has cross-dressed and was even wearing fake RED nails.


2.) Marlene King said to watch 3x24 before the finale. Wilden was a big part of this episode. 


3.) If he’s related to Jason and Ali this would explain why he seems to hate both of them AND why he would try to kill Jason in 3x18 which he clearly did. 


4.) Cape May: Wilden was there. We don’t know that he and Ali ever did anything. He was accused of being Beach Hottie yet the girls never brought it up to Ali… there could be a reason.


5.) TALK ABOUT RESOURCES. Come on guys, he was a cop.


6.) Remember when Wilden came to Hanna’s house claiming he needed her blood…? Then the “A” message said, “See how easy it is for me to get your blood?”


7.) He admitted to killing someone in supposed “self defense.”


8.) It was never officially confirmed that Wilden killed Garrett but all the signs are there and Mona said it in season 4! Here’s my theory in case you want to read: https://www.facebook.com/notes/once-upon-a-liar/who-killed-garret/176125285871655 If Wilden is Charles then this gives him a whole new motive. Remember Garrett said he knew who killed Ali and who took the body? Clearly he knew too much (even if she wasn’t dead), and who killed him again?


9.) The twin theme has been connected to the Marins throughout the seasons maybe that’s because of Ashley and Wilden’s relationship? Clue?


10.) He has a connection to Radley.


11.) We know Charles was the person who stole the game from Mona while other people like Toby and Lucas were just helping her. In 3x13 someone in a black hoodie comes to visit Mona and she hands him bullets and pills. The pills were obviously for drugging Aria and the bullets to kill Garrett. Toby was helping her at the time but he didn’t kill Garrett nor drug Aria, so I think that was Wilden.


12.) He knows ALL of their secrets.


13.) In 3x04, Jason writes a check for $50,000 and tells someone to meet him in 15 minutes. Then we see Wilden driving that way. At the end of the episode we see “A” on a plane hacking into the Radley system and allowing Mona visitors and leaving $50 tips. This makes sense because earlier in the episode, Wilden wants to see Mona in Radley.


14.) The writers said Mona being alive might not be the last time someone comes back from the dead.


15.) RC often has red nails and we know Wilden wore fake red nails.. #youneverknow


16.) He tried to kill Aria when he was the QOH.

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