Har du koll?

1. “Why the grim faces — did someone die?”
2. “My middle name should have been klutz.”
3. “If you can’t find Christmas in your heart, Hanna, you won’t find it under your tree.”
4. “You know that test they make you take? The SCT?”
5. “You’ve got pumpkin guts on your face.”
6. “Ali is A and now I can prove it.”
7. “I said ‘red light’ as in the cherry on top of a cop car!”
8. “I’m A, aren’t I?”
9. “You’ve made quite a mess of things.”
10. “Read her boobs. The girl loves Christmas.”
11. “Did you know I wanted to be a dancer when I was younger? But I was kind of on the shorter side so career crisis avoided.”
12. “Not to poke where I don’t belong, but if I just graduated from po po school, I wouldn’t want to know my girlfriend broke into Radley.”
13. “Put your hands behind your head and turn around.”
14. “I’m sorry! But could you lie to that face?”
15. “You don’t sound “just curious” anymore. Should I call my parents?”
16. “Alison got to them. They’re convinced that she’s the saint and you’re crazy Mona.”
17. “You’re gonna love granny. If you can get past the long chin hairs, you won’t mind that she toots a lot.”
“18. Do you think you can be crazy and not know it? I’m talking about Alison. I think she’s gone full on socio.”
19. “Your software slays.”
20. “Let’s deck the halls and fa la la la!”
Vem var det som sa vad i säsongsavslutningen egentligen? Facit kommer upp senare!


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