Har du koll? Facit

1. “Why the grim faces — did someone die?”- Mona
2. “My middle name should have been klutz.”- Aria
3. “If you can’t find Christmas in your heart, Hanna, you won’t find it under your tree.”- Emily
4. “You know that test they make you take? The SCT?”- Hanna
5. “You’ve got pumpkin guts on your face.”- Aria
6. “Ali is A and now I can prove it.”- Mona
7. “I said ‘red light’ as in the cherry on top of a cop car!”- Hanna
8. “I’m A, aren’t I?”- Alison
9. “You’ve made quite a mess of things.”- Holbrooke
10. “Read her boobs. The girl loves Christmas.”- Hanna
11. “Did you know I wanted to be a dancer when I was younger? But I was kind of on the shorter side so career crisis avoided.”- Aria
12. “Not to poke where I don’t belong, but if I just graduated from po po school, I wouldn’t want to know my girlfriend broke into Radley.”- Mona
13. “Put your hands behind your head and turn around.”- Toby
14. “I’m sorry! But could you lie to that face?”- Hanna
15. “You don’t sound “just curious” anymore. Should I call my parents?”- Aria
16. “Alison got to them. They’re convinced that she’s the saint and you’re crazy Mona.”- Lucas
17. “You’re gonna love granny. If you can get past the long chin hairs, you won’t mind that she toots a lot.”- Aria
“18. Do you think you can be crazy and not know it? I’m talking about Alison. I think she’s gone full on socio.”- Mona
19. “Your software slays.”- Caleb
20. “Let’s deck the halls and fa la la la!”- Emily


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