12 saker vi fick veta på halloweenspecialen

1. Fans will not have to wait until the end of the series to discover who "A" is. Executive producer Marlene King spilled the scoop saying, "The identity of Big A is going to be revealed before season seven starts."

2. Although all of A's threats are truly terrifying, the liars think these are the top three: The message in Hanna's tooth, the bones in the wedding dress corset, and the "I see you" on the back window of Ezra's car.

3. Badass Alert! All of the liars perform their own stunts.

4. Lucy Hale's most awkward scene of the series was in season five when she was topless in a scene with Ian. (FYI: there was a little coverage the nip-area!) When asked about her exposed scene with her on-screen beau, Lucy spilled, "I didn’t have a shirt on and I could only do that with him."


5. Sasha Pieterse revealed that one of the most terrifying moments on the show was when she had to get the cast made for her Ali mask. "If you are claustrophobic I'd advise you not to do that," she warned.

6. Troian Belliario first realized that Pretty Little Liars was a huge hit when she was recognized "in a grocery store in the backwoods of Canada."

7. Each year the PLL costume designer Mandi Line designs their costumes and although they're gorgeous, Troian said everyone want to "burn the costumes" by the end of the week because of how tight and cumbersome they become after hours and hours of wearing them.

8. Although the liars love their "hunky" male co-stars, they don’t really notice their good looks any more. "When you're around them all the time they get less yummy and more funny," Sasha explained.


9. Ian Harding and Lucy Hale used to be very conscious of their breath before filming their kissing scene — but all that has changed. "I could probably have an onion sandwich [before kissing her]," Ian remarked of his close and comfortable relationship with Lucy.

10. Troian does not understand Ezria's obsession with pie, and quite frankly, she thinks the fact that they're always feeding each other is "kinda gross."

11. Keegan Allen considered Troian to be his "best friend" and likewise, Troian revealed that the two share a "brother-sister" type of relationship due to the fact that they spend so much time together on set.

12. One of Tyler Blackburn's favorite scene in PLL history was when Caleb and Hanna shared a tear-filled goodbye before he left for Ravenswood. Ashley agreed, saying she could watch that scene "over and over again" because in the moment, they forgot the cameras were even there.


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