SPOILERS om säsong 5

* Marlene said that there exists the reason why Spencer was carrying the shovel back...
* Melissa and Cece know something, but only one of them is 100% right...
*Lucas is back and he will explain a lot
* It's confirmed now that Ezra and Ian didn't sleep with Alison.... so who is the the man she thought she's pregnant with? (next suspects are Wren or Wilden)
*The premiere of the first episode will continue in New York
* "Welcome" Alison won't be that easy as it was supposed to be
* Ali should come back to Rosewood high, but she will be outsider there... she wants her titul queen bee back
* We will also see the case of Toby's mother (Marlene said its important)
*THe girl Dr. Palmer was talking about was Cece
*The producers will end up the Ravenswood plot
*Okay so when A got off the building you could hear the girl's voice... (but there are also some speculations about Wren being the guy there)
*Rumors about Cece having twin (officialy not confirmed)
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