Spoilers om nästa avsnitt

ABC Family exec Jenn Gerstenblatt tweeted "There are definitely wedding dresses".

Editorial director for ET Online interviewed Holly Marie Combs who said "Ella has big news for Aria when she returns" from Austria, hinting at Ella's proposal from Zack.

There will be a Wilden flashback in this episode.

Ashley and Hanna have a scene together.

Dean, Veronica, and Spencer possibly have a scene together.

This episode will have a couple of flashbacks.

Maya tweeted that she has amazing photos from this episode, but she needs to consult with the writers before she shares them.

Jason is back and has "something to hide".

The wedding dresses are for a charity event in Rosewood.

Maya Goldsmith shared a sneak peek of the script that implies that someone in Rosewood might be tying the knot. Though a “bridle” refers to the headgear used to control a horse, we doubt the similarity to the word “bride” was unintentional. Is the bride in question in some sort of danger?

As for the actual definition of “unbridled,” it means to be unrestrained, to literally or figuratively be free of the thing that controls and binds you.

Now, the question is: who has been set free? Is it “A,” who perhaps has abandoned all pre-tense at a plan and decided to launch everything he/she has at the Liars?

Is it Alison, who has thrown off the shackles of her fake death and gained her freedom?
Or could it be the Liars, who have somehow gained control over their situation, perhaps eliminating the threat of “A” or finding a way to control their masked bully?


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