PLL karaktärer i olika elevhem

I Harry Potter finns det ju 4 olika elevhem och i denna artikel har de delat in karaktärer från PLL i de olika hemmen. Vad tycker ni, platsar de där de har blivit placerad?

Slytherin House


Said Slytherin, “We’ll teach just those whose ancestry is purest.”

1. Spencer Hastings

ABC Family

I once saw a tweet by Troian Bellisario saying we should “fear [Spencer’s] really Slytherin”, and while I do agree with this sorting, I don’t think we have to fear because Spencer is a heroic Slytherin. Her prime values are ambition and cunning, but she doesn’t always use them in the force of evil.

2. Alison DiLaurentis

 ABC Family

You can’t get much more Slytherin than this. Alison’s whole personality can be described as “sly,” which is literally right there in the name. She is terribly sneaky, always conniving, and can be noted as a villainous Slytherin. Alison loves games that turn people against each other. sound like any Dark Lords to you?

3. Ezra Fitz

ABC Family

Even before the whole “Ezra is ‘A’!” fiasco, he struck me as a Slytherin. He’s interested mostly in furthering his own career — much more interested in that than he is in Aria. But when the “A” scandal came out, and he revealed he’d been spying on all the girls to write a tell-all book about Alison — well, that was pretty manipulative.

4. Mona Vanderwaal

ABC Family

The original “A.” There’s no doubt in my mind where Mona belongs. Belonged? Ugh, I can’t believe they killed her off. But she’s so clever, quiet, and cruelly cunning that it’s hard to think of her anywhere else. She masked her identity and became pretty much omniscient to ruin the Liars’ lives. Only a Slytherin could pull that off.

5. Darren Wilden

ABC Family

Oh, I don’t know, maybe because YOU’RE EVIL? This guy is pretty much the scum of the earth. He manipulates Hanna’s mom into sleeping with him by saying he’ll clear her criminal record, and then like a year later, taunts her to the point of her probably running him over with her car. This guy needs to get his way at all times, and he likes to control others.

6. Wren Kim

ABC Family

I don’t know what it is about this guy. He’s untrustworthy, for one thing; he’s a cheater, for another; and for a third thing, he doesn’t care about anyone but himself. He’s one of the slimy Slytherins.

Ravenclaw House


Said Ravenclaw, “We’ll teach those whose intelligence is surest.”

7. Aria Montgomery

ABC Family

Aria might not seem like the brain of the group, but she is the creative one, and creativity is just as important to Ravenclaw. She’s a writer, an innovator, and a good student. Book learning might be second to her passion for the arts, but that is a form of high intelligence, so into Ravenclaw she goes.

8. Ella Montgomery

ABC Family

She’s in Ravenclaw for the same reason her daughter is. Creativity and intuition are important to that House, and Ella has them.

9. Byron Montgomery

ABC Family

He’s a professor of literature, for crying out loud. He’s devoted his life to book learning and academic pursuits. Sure, the affair with a student might have been wrong and sneaky, but Byron is mostly focused on broadening his intellectual horizons.

Gryffindor House


Said Gryffindor, “We’ll teach all those with brave deeds to their name.”

10. Toby Cavanaugh

ABC Family

Though he might seem a little shady, courage and chivalry are Toby’s biggest concerns in life. He’d do just about anything to protect Spencer or anyone else he loves, and he does. He even plays double agent for a while to figure out what’s going on. Loyalty is important to Toby, and he’s one hell of a brave guy when proving his allegiance.

11. Caleb Rivers

ABC Family

All eyes on PLL’s quintessential Gryffindor! Caleb is 100% daring, brave, and gallant. He wants to be involved in saving this rosy little hamlet from scandal and hurt, so he does. Plus, there was that time he saw someone in need and accompanied her to the scariness of Ravenswood (an even scarier spinoff series), which was pretty Gryffindor of him.

12. Ashley Marin

ABC Family

Uh, yes, she totally will. Ashley has that stubborn, courageous Gryffindor attitude about her at all times. She went to prison for killing a guy who was harassing her and just took it on the chin. That’s hella tough. Her physical and emotional endurance is one to wow you, and that’s why she’s a true Gryffindor.

13. Mike Montgomery

ABC Family

Behold, Mike’s entire life philosophy. If somebody hurts Aria or somebody else he cares about, he lashes out… usually violently. Mike is a big defender of justice, typically going crazy to make sure it’s upheld. His outbursts are in the name of love for others, like we see in our favorite Potter Gryffindors.

14. Holden Strauss

ABC Family

Whatever happened to good, old Holden? Is his heart doing OK? Mixed martial arts is an athletically Gryffindor thing for somebody to do alone, but with his condition, it’s brave and reckless. Seeing a pattern?

Hufflepuff House


Said Hufflepuff, “I’ll teach the lot and treat them just the same.”

15. Hanna Marin

ABC Family

Hanna is incredibly brave, but she’s usually not motivated by the glory. She might seem like she cares about herself and her possessions more than anything else, but she’s really a lot more selfless than that. Her steady kindness lands her in Hufflepuff.

16. Emily Fields

ABC Family

Emily is a sweet, gentle soul, and she’s the most selfless of the group. Sure, she killed a guy, but that was to defend herself and in a way, the late Maya St. Germain’s honor. Emily wants to help people and treat them with respect, which is perfectly Hufflepuff.

17. Paige McCullers

ABC Family

Lindsey Shaw placed Paige in Hufflepuff in an interview one time, and I couldn’t agree more. She’s strong and brave, but she never puts herself first. Paige embodies a more charitable, sweet spirit that is characteristic of a Hufflepuff.

18. Garrett Reynolds

ABC Family

It’s hard to explain my reasoning behind this one. The affair with Jenna was a tad dark, but Garrett always seemed a little too kind to be a Slytherin and a little too reserved to be a Gryffindor. Hufflepuff it is!

19. Jason DiLaurentis

ABC Family

This one’s even harder to explain. Jason isn’t as dark as the rest of the DiLaurentis clan (Maybe because he’s actually a Hastings), but he still seems to pledge his loyalty to his family, whether that’s Alison or Spencer. He’s particularly difficult to sort, but he doesn’t seem so bad, so he gets to wear the badger.


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