Intervju med Janel Parrish (Mona) om Monas död

@PLLKristen: How long did you know that Mona was going to die?
Janel Parrish: I got the call from Marlene the day before the table read for the episode It was funny because I was really nervous, you always here that when Marlene personally calls the talent, there might be something happening. So when I got the call and they said, 'I've got Marlene on the line,' I was just like 'Oh no, am I in trouble? Because I feel like I just got called into the principal's office!' And she was like, 'No you're not in trouble but I want to tell you that in the next script you are dying. But don't worry, you're not losing your job, we're still going to have you in flashbacks.'


@GraceCordy10: What was your first reaction when you found out Mona would die?
JP: Well, at first my heart stopped! But then when she said don't worry you still have a job, I was like, 'Oh okay! You can turn my character into a monkey and I'd still be fine.'



@Ayyeitszemi: How did the cast react to Mona's death?
JP: There was definitely a lot of shocked faces and people asking like, 'Oh no! Wait, are you not on the show any more?!' And I was just like, 'No no no, you're still stuck with me!' I'm still here, just in a different capacity, which is fine, and I think it will actually be a fun twist on the show.



ETonline: Do you think Mona put up a good fight before being killed off?
JP: I think she put up a great fight! As you can see there are bloody handprints everywhere and the glass was broken. I think Mona fought with every last breath she had and maybe "A" has a few scratches and bruises on whoever they are because I don’t think Mona went down without a fight.



ETonline: So you think Mona definitely discovered who "A" is in the final moments before she died?
JP: She definitely saw whoever it was in the face, and now she's dead because of it.



@Louisxlie: How did you feel filming the final scene with Mona in the trunk?
JP: Honestly, it was just really hard to keep my eyes open! [Laughs] I was like okay I just have to keep my eyes open for one more second and then they'll cut, and thankfully it worked out. It wasn't eerie for me to see to see it on TV because I knew that it was just me keeping my eyes open, and I was like 'Yay! I didn’t blink!' But for everybody I know, they were upset seeing me like that.



@LifeOfThaParty: If Mona didn't die what would been her next plan?
Well she was definitely planning to take down Alison. I think she would've found the girls, and found the police, and found a way to nail Alison to the crimes that she believes she found evidence to. And those were all pretty good colleges, I think she would've been just fine anywhere.



@TinyHales: Do you think Mona redeemed herself after being "A"?
I think that she did and I think ultimately that's why [the liars] feel so guilty, and they feel so bad that right when they decided to trust Mona and she does redeem herself, she dies. They get this text from "A saying it's all your fault, and now they're stuck with this guilt and they're wondering if there is something they could've done to help her. If they had trusted her from the very beginning, or let her in their inner circle from the very beginning, would this still have happened?



@Fan4me: Janel, are you in the Christmas special?
JP: I actually will be in the Christmas episode and it's going to be really fun! I get to be the ghost of Christmas past, present, and future and I have to say, the costume and the hair and make-up is going to be unbelievable. It might as well be a Halloween episode because my costume is amazing, it looks like a Halloween costume. So I think it's going to be really really cool episode, and it's going to be fun and creepy. Even though it's a Christmas special, and kind of like a fantasy episode, there are still a lot of answers to correct questions on the show. I think it's important that even though it's a special, the fans should still treat it as an episode.



ETonline: Are we going to see Mike's reaction to Mona's death and do you think that her feelings for Mike were truly genuine?
JP: You will see Mike's reaction to it and he's devastated and it's so sad because Cody has got such a puppy face. And yes, I do think that Mona's feelings for Mike were genuine—I think they had a really sweet and romantic episode andf I think that also adds to the devestation to Mona's death.



ETonline: Lastly, do you have a message you'd like to give to your fans?
JP: Yes! I want them to know that I love them so much, and not to be sad for me. They can be sad for Mona, I totally get it, but don't be sad for me because I'm not going anywhere. I love being a part of the show and I'm going to continue being a part of the show as long as they want me on there, and from what I'm hearing, that's a while. I'll be on the show and with the cast just in flashbacks and I'm totally okay with that. You have not seen the last of Mona—she will still be the crazy dynamic Mona, even after death.


Hur känner ni med Mona's chockerande död? Är ni exalterade inför att hon fortfarande är en stor del av PLL? Kommentera nedan vad ni tycker!

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