Ian, Keegan, Sasha och Ashley gör #alsicebucketchallenge

"Torrey Devitto @tordevitto challenged and she was one of three, thus 3 buckets and 3 video. This is #1. I nominate @jenniferbkaiser #alsicebucketchallenge"
"Second. #alsicebucketchallenge I nominate@julianmorris"
"Third and final. I nominate Keegan Allen @keeoone"
"Here is my #alsicebucketchallenge trendy way to bring awareness -PLEASE DONATE AS WELL! I nominate@mastergia @natandalex and @brettdier (you have 24 hours) Thx for the nomination @jamesfrancotv@diegoboneta @ianmharding @sashapieterse27 and everyone else who is an ice bucket "philanthropist" Hopefully this trend of actually donating to these charities doesn't fade at the end of summer."
"I challenge @geeawnuh and @keeoone to the #alsicebucketchallenge that has to be completed in 24hrs of this video...GO! 😝"
"Thanks @joshgad @bellathorne @vanessahudgens for nominating me. I nominate @shaym @emmaroberts@sweetbabyjamie 💋💋 ALS #icebucketchallenge"
"That was coldddd donate here! http://www.alsa.org"


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