9 saker vi kan utläsa från proton (engelsk text)

1. "Code A." This promo opens with Mona (Janel Parrish) giving instructions on the phone: "Send out a Code A, she's plotting something big." The NEXT shot shows Mona and Alison (Sasha Pieterse) exchanging looks in the school hallway, so we assume the "she" Mona is talking about is Ali, not "A" (unless they're the same PERSON...). WHO's she talking to, though? Our guess is she's mobilizing her army, since "Code A" sounds exactly like something Mona would teach her minions to respond to.

2. Ali is gathering forces. Speaking of Ali, at :03 we see her surrounded by a group of PRETTY GIRLS, which we assume is linked to the synopsis saying that Ali is building up "her own army." Paige (Lindsey Shaw) says as much at :19. Is she talking to the Liars, or Mona's army?

3. Ali shows up at Emily's house. At :06 we see the BEGINNING of a scene we also see a bit of in the American promo: Ali at Emily's (Shay Mitchell) house. As we see here, Ali is turning up apparently unannounced: Emily certainly seems shocked when Ali shows up at her door. "I seriously saw the hair rise on the back of your neck when I heard my voice," Ali tells her (former?) friend at :10. Well, yeah. She's realized you're not to be trusted, Ali.

4. Spencer's concern. "In Melissa's story, I am an ACCESSORY to murder," Spencer (Troian Bellisario) worries at :12. Is she, though? It's not really her fault her sister mistakenly thought she killed someone.

5. Toby in uniform! At least Spencer has Toby (Keegan Allen) and his uniform to comfort her, as we SEE at :15.

6. Hanna lies to Caleb? In less fun relationship news, an exasperated Caleb Rivers (Tyler Blackburn) tells Hanna (Ashley Benson) "I know when you're lying to me" at :16. What's Hanna trying to cover up now? And why? It can't be crazier than the literal ghosts Caleb told her about last week!

7. Does Ali WIN Em over? Back to that Ali-Emily scene. At :17, Emily tells Ali, "I don't want things to be like this," which provokes a triumphant smile from Ali. We don't like that at all.

8. Ezra comforts Aria. Good news, Ezria fans: At :20 we see Aria (Lucy Hale) turn to her man for SUPPORT.

9. "You made quite a mess of things." The promo ends with Holbrook saying this to someone. Who? It looks like he's looking down. Is it someone crouched on the ground? Could he even be talking to an animal? (Remember that dog Ali got at the BEGINNING of the season?) Whoever it might be, things won’t end well for them. After all, we know someone gets arrested in this EPISODE.



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