När bestämde Marlene att Ezra skulle vara A?

Just in case anyone is/was confused, here's the information about when exactly the writers knew they were going to make Ezra A. (Or somehow a part of it.)

“We started talking about this when we were making the decision to reveal Mona as Original ‘A,’” Marlene told EW. Since the Mona as “A” reveal happened in the Season 2 finale, this means those sneaky PLLers have been thinking about Ezra as “A” since Season 2!

Although they didn't seriously start discuss Ezra being A until Season 2 they have actually been considering it since day one! “It’s always been in the back of our minds, even going back to the pilot, because he was such a ripe character,” continued Marlene. “He has always been, interestingly enough, he shows up when the text messages start showing up. Aria was looking at that Ali poster in that bar when he introduced himself to her, and he’s been in interesting places at the right times very often. So lots of fans had the theory early on that Ezra was on the “A” team, so we’ve always been writing with it in the back of our minds.”

How long has Ian [Harding] known?
“I’ve known about it for a while,” Ian told EW, regarding the info that his on-screen counterpart is masquerading as “A,” though some of the intel was new. “To what extent I was unclear of only up until a couple months ago,” he added.

According to Ian, the PLL Writers spilled on the plot twist way back in February. Ian became interested in another project and went to ABC Family to discuss his future on PLL when Marlene spilled the beans: “Marlene King actually said, ‘Hey, we can’t let you go because of what’s going to happen with Ezra,’” Ian relayed. “I’m like, ‘Oh, what’s going to happen with Ezra?’ She alluded to the sudden shift in his character arc that would happen toward the tail end of 4A and then would continue in some way, shape, or form into 4B.”

----> Sounds like Ian Harding was considering leaving PLL to do another project but was convinced to stay because his character would be advancing in the future. So, Ezra lovers/Ezrians, it could have been worse, he could have went off the show completely. Wouldn't you rather him be A than off the show completely?
Förlåt att inte texten är översatt. Men det är en väldig massa text att översätta , så jag lät det stå på engelska. Om det är något speciellt ni inte förstår i texten, så kommentera så översätter jag det åt dig!


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