We will be seeing other contenders for Uber A in season 4B.
--ABOUT UBER A: "You’re going to be shocked. It’s a good one. It’s a juicy one. I don’t think you’re going to see it coming, so it’s a really good one."
--Black Widow will start popping up again.
--How much Ezra has been lying will reveal itself.
--Aria will be the LAST to know about Ezra and it is in season 4B when she finds out.
--There will be several breakdowns from the girls this season.
--Spencer has kind of "snapped" and we'll see her in "attack mode" this season.
--The writers always want the endgame for the Liars to be that they come out of every experience stronger. "They're not sitting ducks."
--Alison having a twin in the show is put to rest: "We kind of told people a long time away we were going to deviate from that."
--"I think the woman in black is a really great thing to keep in mind as you’re watching 4B."


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