SPOILERS om 4x14

4x14 "Who's in the box"

Written By Joseph D.
Airs Jan 7th 2014

Characters in this episode
-The four Liars
-Mrs. D
-Ashley Marin

-Scenes at Rosewood High
-Hanna/Emily Scenes
-Aria/Ezra scenes
-Aria and Ezra will have a restaurant scene and will discuss Aria's story
-Tyler was on set for 414 so we get some Caleb
-Chad Lowe directed
-Scenes with Hanna and Emily at Spencer's house
-Scenes at the Marin house
-Haleb scenes
-Possible Cabin scene with Aria and Ezra- I Marlene suggested there may be a sex scene
-Paily scenes
-"[414] represents a turning point [for Ezria].", later adding, "Or the point after the turning point."
-We may see a fireplace scene when Ezria visits the cabin
-the power in 414 is emotional
-Scene at Toby's loft (Spoby fans look for the bear)
-"There's a B in the box. #PLLclue"
-Marlene tweeted we will find out more about who died in the place of Alison in this episode.
-Mona and Hanna will have a scene together.
-The Liars are shutting Mona out.
-Mona now owns Jenna's Mustang for some reason.
-There will be scenes at a cabin in this episode and 415.
-There will be evidence that Ezra is A, revealed in Who's In The Box?.


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