--Executive Producer, Oliver Goldstick says Mona and Ezra have an interesting relationship and it will be explored this season.
--In the premiere, Mona and Ezra will meet up together and talk.
--QUOTE; Ezra to Mona: "Fear can be a very good thing."
--Mona will hint to Ezra that she knows about who he real is.
--Executive Producer, Oliver Goldstick also says there's more going on in Alison's house than we think, "it all starts in the DiLaurentis house."
--The writers have all been saying that just because Alison is alive NOW, doesn't mean she'll stay alive. Someone is after her.
--Marlene King tweeted "Don't give up on Haleb. Life is a journey."
--The 4B finale, which most of us know is called "A is for Answers," according to Marlene King will be the episode we've all been waiting for, be ALL about answers, and "HAVE THE BIGGEST ENDING EVER."
Detta är vad dom som skriver serien har sagt!


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