Massas spoilers från producenterna

- In premiere we will find out who poisoned Aria and stuck her in the box.
- We'll definitely get the answer of question of whether Alison was flying that plane, if she was the one who pulled the girls out of the fire if Alison's alive or if someone is posing as Alison with an Ali mask on
- Mona retrieves something in the very first few minutes of the premiere that Hanna wants and needs badly, and it's the first test of her loyalty.
- Ezra does go back to Rosewood High and as a result of it, it's time for the girls to start doing their college essays and he becomes a mentor in some ways to them.
-Toby's past is surprising and emotional, in addition to it being a mystery story. we get to see layers of Toby that we haven't seen before.
-Trust will be huge issue btw spencer and Toby as he was on the "A" team
-Unlike wilden ,officer Gabriel Holbrook(Sean Faris) is an honest cop,
- Whenever you think you can trust Mona, I think you'll probably realize maybe you shouldn't.
- A' will go after liars parents this season
- There's an episode coming up where Emily sleeps in Ali's old bedroom, and being there sort of colors what's happening right then in her relationship with Paige as ali' was her first love
- Ali had real feelings for emily and she was her favourite
- Even the Liars' relationships will fracture at times


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