Ännu mer spoilers...!

- Mona will use her knowledge as a bargaining chip to ingratiate herself back with the liars. Mona needs the liars as much as they need her.

- We will find out by the end of the season if it was Ali or them thinking they saw Ali or possibly someone in an Ali mask.

- "A" is going to give something to Toby if he delivers something in return.

- In Season 4, "A" really decides to go after the parents of the PLLs. A couple of them encounter great difficulty because of it, but there is one parent who really suffers at the hand of "A" the most. There's one family who gets really drug through it this season.

- Officer Holbrook and his partner, Tanner are good cops

- We'll find out more of what Wilden has been up to and he certainly has been after the PLL's.

- Hanna and Caleb will have a "Casablanca" moment in the Halloween episode before he leaves for Ravenswood.


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