Samtalet mellan Pam och Emily

Pam: Someone down at the station recommended we try prolotherapy for your shoulder. (Emily’s phone buzzes. Pam looks at it in silence.)
Emily: Prolotherapy?
Pam: A series of injections that stimulate the tissue around your injury and promote healing.
Emily: How many injections?
Pam: Once a week, for the next two months. (She pauses and Emily senses tension.)
Emily: Mom, I can pay for part of it, if that helps.
Pam: (Flashes a comforting smile.) The first session’s tricky; insurance should cover most the treatment. (Emily’s phone buzzes again. Pam pauses and then continues talking.) If it does what it’s supposed to, you may not even need surgery.
Emily: The physical therapy’s been helping.If we don’t need to spend more money –
Pam: Your father and I both think this is worth a try. We’ll find a way to cover the difference, not you. (Em’s phone goes off again & this time Emily picks it up to respond back.)
Emily: Sorry, it’s just… Hanna’s trying to get in touch with me. I told her I’d come over this afternoon.
Pam: Emily, I know you want to be there for her; and I really feel for Hanna. But right or wrong, Ashley’s being accused of murder; I think Hanna needs to spend time with her dad right now. (She takes a moment to think things over.) Meet me at work and we’ll leave from there. Straight after school, okay? They want you at the clinic by 3:45.


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