Hollywood Reporter Interview med Tyler Blackburn (prat om PLL and Ravenswood) VARNING: Kan innehålla SPOILERS.

The Hollywood Reporter: Viewers had to wait a few episodes for Caleb to finally return to Rosewood. What was it like getting back into the swing of things?
Tyler Blackburn: It's so interesting because we're still filming the show right now and prepping for Ravenswood. I've been so busy that I forgot I wasn't in the first two episodes. (Laughs.)
THR: Will Caleb's relationship with his father be revisited?
Blackburn: Probably not as much as some would like it to. I think that it's just a relationship that will be a work in progress for a while. With Ravenswood especially, Caleb starts to uncover more about his ancestry so there's opportunity for that relationship to be revisited through that, so it leaves it open-ended.
THR: Will he start to uncover things about his past on Pretty Little Liars?
Blackburn: No, to be honest. On Pretty Little Liars, Caleb is definitely there to help Hanna uncover these mysteries with "A" and who Red Coat is. That's his main focus. Something happens in the Halloween episode that repaves his path so that his attention is more on his ancestors and his past and his bloodline.
THR: In this past week's episode, Caleb was actively trying to reunite Hanna's parents as the investigation into Detective Wilden's murder takes shape. Why is he going out of his way to do that?
Blackburn: I think that the stakes are very high for Hanna and her mom right now, and Hanna's dad has been absent. I think it's a soft spot for Caleb as well because, obviously, all the stuff that's unfolded with his father. It hits really close to home, so it's his opportunity to help Hanna with something he understands, the absence of a father. Especially now, Hanna's dealing with a lot. There's a lot of fear and anxiety about her mom and she needs her dad. Caleb knows that. I'm sure Caleb knows he can help her but the more the merrier.
THR: Things aren't looking good for Hanna's family, and Emily's as well, with "A" aggressively targeting the parents. What's ahead?
Blackburn: There are no boundaries when it comes to the manipulation so nobody's safe. Any of the parents can be affected and it's kind of been like that from the get-go as well. This season, it gets a little bit more serious with at least one of those parents.
THR: Caleb teams up with Toby (Keegan Allen) in coming episodes. When should we expect to see their partnership?
Blackburn: Not for a few more episodes. Everything that will be happening in the next few episodes leads up to that. It's trial and error, everybody's trying to do what they can to figure out whatever it is [they need to figure out]. There are so many layers to these mysteries that any piece of the onion they can peel away, that's what they are trying to do. And it gets to a point where Caleb and Toby realize that maybe they're a little bit stronger as a team.
THR: Do you have a favorite scene from a future episode?
Blackburn: There was a scene that was fun to film with Keegan and another guy where Keegan and I pick a fight with him, and we had to do some physical stunt work.
THR: Is there a moment from this week's episode that jumps out?
Blackburn: I liked when he confronted Hanna's dad and really stood his ground.
THR: How worried should we be of the trouble that Hanna's family finds itself in the middle of?
Blackburn: You should be worried. Things are going to get even stickier for them.


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