Halloween avsnittet - spoilers

Air date: October 22,2013

First the tittle was: "Let the maid go"

Joseph Dougherty tweeted that this episode is in continuity, between the events of 4x12 and 4x14.

Lauren Ann (@LASteere) tweeted that Ezra will be dressing up for a special occasion in the Halloween episode.

Maya also tweeted that this year's Halloween costumes are going to be different than any other season's.
(we can see it in the leaked promo)

Hanna and Caleb will part ways as Caleb will travel to Ravenswood. It is inspired by Casablanca and Hanna will let Caleb go willingly.

Hanna and Mona could have a scene together.

The Liars will go to Ravenswood.

Kyle tweeted that Lucy looked so much like Princess Leia. Lucy tweeted that the force was with her, in reply to Kyle.

A side note on the mini-synopsis to the summer finale: Now You See Me, Now You Don't, says that "The Liars are lured back to Ravenswood on a mission to protect one of their own", so the summer finale will be connected to the Halloween episode.

Sasha said that the "era" that they choose was brilliant for the theme.

Oliver said that there will be a great plot twist at the end of this episode. It will lead into Ravenswood, and even Season 4B.

"This Halloween is definitely the darkest yet!" said Maya

Janel confirmed that we will find out who Red Coat is in this episode, if not revealed in the previous episode.
(Note: It's still unclear if red coat will be revealed in the summer finale or in Halloween episode. However according to the promo we know the girls still don't know who red coat is, but the reveal of red coat can be just for us like it was with Toby before)

"This episode is beautiful but freaky at the same time." said Sasha

  Bryan tweeted that this episode definitely brings the drama!

Based on the leaked promo, the girls wear era costumes, Carla Grunwald appears, and Hanna goes missing. also a masked stranger with hedge clippers chases the girls.

There 3 main hashtags for the episode are AriA, EzrA and MonA with a capital red A. Although the meaning of those stays uncertain until probably the summer finale.
(Note: First there was EzrA leaked, then they started to cover it up and made the others.. Isn't that weird?)

Ezra is in Ravenswood.


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